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Sports Club Contacts

For General enquiries please contact the Club Secretary via phone, text or email (link below):


 Club Secretary - Mick Stokes


  Phone or Text:    07952 918057

  Email:    MBSC Secretary



 Sports Club Email Address:   [email protected]



For more specific enquiries, please use the following contact details:


 Clubhouse Bookings & Social Secretary - Stella Bridle


  Phone or Text:    07957 632316

  Email:    MBSC Function Room


 Club Chairperson - Bob Sykes


  Phone:    01827 718951

  Email:    MBSC Chairman



 Club Treasurer - David Gordon


  Phone or Text:    07531 235436

  Email:    MBSC Treasurer



 Projects Manager - Ricky McDougall


  Phone or Text:    07976 399524

  Email:    MBSC Clubhouse Project




Please see the Sports page for individual activity contact details